Comenius week

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At first i apologize if my English isn't so good :D But I wanted to write in English if someone of our guests finds this so they can understand too. Last week was honestly one of the best weeks of my life. We had some Comenius guests from Denmark, Spain and Wales in our school and we had so much fun together. We had about 80 guests and i made so much new friends. But I was quite busy the whole week in school with different organizing things so I didn't have time to get to know all of them even I wanted. But i met so many lovely people from Spain and Denmark and i also made lots of new friends from our school. Maybe we didn't always understand each other with these foreigners but we still had so much fun together. Friday night was the best of the week but at the same time so horrible. I'm still sad that I didn't have a chance to say goodbyes to danish people but it saved me for so much tears and sadness. I miss you all like crazy and I can't wait to travel to Denmark in autumn and meet some of you again! Thanks everyone for amazing week everyone. Love you guys 

Lyhyesti tiivistettynä mun viimeviikko oli yks elämäni parhaista viikoista ja sain ihan kauheesti uusia ystäviä niin Tanskasta, Espanjasta kuin ihan meidän omastaki koulusta. En vaihtais tuota viikkoa ja kokemuksia mihinkään! Nyt vaan sitten odotellaan syyslomaa, että päästään lähtemään porukalla kohti Tanskaa! 

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